11 of the craziest things that people have done during a break-up


From Rob Kardashian’s social media assault on Rita Ora, to Rob Kardashian’s social media assault on Blac Chyna, the end of a relationship can cause people to move in mysterious ways.

A breakup isn’t always easy. But while some people are content with several bottles of wine and the tried and tested ‘block and delete’ method, others resort to prison tattoos, wardrobe assassination and shoe theft.

Here are 11 of the craziest things exes have done during a break-up.

Tara Povey, blogger

“In 2014, I had an awful break up with a fellow blogger, who demanded that I pay him back for all the flowers he had ever sent to me, pay his parents back for every meal they had ever paid for (but into his account, of course), and that I pay him for all the photos we ever took during our time travelling together.

He then pretended to get a solicitor, who sent me an email telling me to pay up or further action would be taken.

Turns out, his ‘solicitor’ was just a childhood friend, and I had to get a real one to stop him from contacting me.”


James, HR manager

“When my ex-girlfriend of eight months realised that I’d moved on, she kept calling me pretending to be my new girlfriend saying that she was breaking up with me. She didn’t even try to change her voice. But worst of all – she stole my cat.”

Stina Sanders, blogger

“When we split up, I made a couple of journeys to move my stuff out of his flat. And when I came back to get the last of my things, I noticed that my box of shoes was no longer where I had left it.

He strongly denied moving them, and to this day, I still have no idea where he hid all my shoes.

I’d like to think he sold them on eBay, or maybe he just likes the smell of my feet because they remind him of me? He definitely couldn’t have worn them as I’m only a size five.”

Sarah, retail manager

“I finally left my cheating boyfriend after six years together. A few days later, he asked me to meet him at a local pub to hand over the rest of his belongings. But he never showed up.

The next day, he turned up at my door accusing me of putting a hit out on him; he literally ran into my flat, shut the curtains and started talking about how people were watching him, remotely reading his text messages and listening to his conversations.

As soon as he realised nothing was going to work this time, he left – to continue partying with his mates and the girl he’d cheated on me with.”


Cami Li, reality star

“One of my exes cheated on me so I bleached his entire wardrobe; all he had left were the underwear that he was wearing.

Another, I cut discreet but visible holes in literally every item of clothing in his wardrobe – he could only tell when he wore them and could never prove it was me.”

Ben, head of advertising

“I left my phone at home by mistake and my fiancé  found messages proving that I had been unfaithful.

By the time I got home, she had changed the locks, my belongings were all neatly placed on the front lawn, and my brand-new Porsche had disappeared from the driveway – turns out she had sold it on eBay for ‘99p to a good home’.”

Laura, PR professional

“My ex created a fake Facebook profile and befriended my new girlfriend to stalk her, she also broke into my flat and stole one of my bracelets.

I actually ended up breaking up with my new girlfriend because of it – which I guess was her goal, because she never bothered me again after that!”

Emily, graphic designer

“My ex gave himself a ‘prison tattoo’ of my full name (which is really long) using pen ink and a piece of glass he’d found on the floor. He also carved it into a tree and sent me pictures of both.

The tree has fortunately gone now, I’m not sure what happened to the tattoo.”

David, recruiter

“My ex-girlfriend tried to run me over with her car.

The next day, while I was at work, she texted me to tell me how fit I looked while running away.”


Jenny, shop assistant

“My ex-boyfriend of seven years told me he was going travelling in South America for a year to ‘find himself’.

He had actually moved in with the woman he’d been cheating on me with – less than half a mile away.”

Ruby, makeup artist

“My ex sent flowers to my work and waited outside for me to finish.

When I left that day, I snuck out the back and he text me saying: ‘I know you’ve left somehow, why are you acting like this? Don’t make me kidnap you!’

‘Don’t make me kidnap you’ became the reaction my friends gave to absolutely everything I did for the next few months.”

Getting help: Trying to run down your loved ones or sharing revenge porn is not only illegal, but it’s also not OK.

If you think you might need help following a break up, organisations like Relate offers relationship counselling.

If you’re the victim of criminal abuse from an ex, you can report the incident and seek help from the police.

By Tristen Lee
Original post features on
Metro UK
Illustrations by Ella Byworth


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